March 22 8pm Conference Call...Life purpose Group

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March 22 8pm Conference Call...Life purpose Group

Postby AnneW » Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:00 pm

Now What? Find your life blueprint Coaching group

Imagine it’s January 2009…..
    Are you still doing the same things you are doing now? Wondering what you will be when you grow up?
    Still moaning with your friends at the weekend about your crappy job? Still secretly hoping that your “purpose” will reveal itself to you? (If only your Higher Power would send you an e-mail…..)
    Asking yourself again “is this it?” Making promises to yourself that you don’t keep? Commuting 15 plus hours a week? Hardly seeing your family

If this is what you want for the rest of your life, ignore the rest of this message…it’s not for you!

Or are you willing to do some work and make the changes to reveal your TRUE life: meaningful, rich and wonderful?

Now What? Find your life blueprint is a coaching plan based on the work of Laura Berman Fortgang. Laura has written a book called Now What? 90 days to a new life blueprint. This book has a plan that takes you through 12 steps to begin revealing your life blueprint…identifying what you really really want to do…and does so in a way that honours your current circumstances and deals with the money stuff too.

How will you know if this programme is the one for you?
 You’ve just realised that you are in the wrong job and the wrong career but you have no idea what you want to do (when you grow up!).
 You have come out of a bad personal situation: bereavement, divorce/separation and you have done your grieving…you want to get started on the next chapter of your life…but you have no idea what to do…
 You’ve realised that not only are you in the rat race but you can see yourself turning into a rat…and you don’t like it. You want out…but you have no idea how to do it..
 You realise that you have outgrown a career you used to love but you have no idea what to do next…
 You spend so much time at work/commuting that your children begin to wonder who you are…you know things have got to change…but it seems so difficult.

If any of these describe YOU….help is at hand.

Why not consider joining the Now What? Coaching group I am launching in April 2007.

Benefits of joining a Now What? Coaching group
 A clear structured path to take you from “no idea” to a clear life direction. Imagine having a clear well marked path to help you uncover your life blueprint…
 Support from like-minded people…remember how much difference an encouraging word made to you at a difficult time..…and you will get a chance to do that for others…
 Accountability….to make sure that you USE the workbook as opposed to plonking it on your bookshelf.
 A coach/group you can turn to…this is not a counselling group but it is a group where you can reveal your deepest wishes and desires and know they will be listened to with respect and interest.
 The coaching will be done over the phone from the comfort of your own home and computer: no travelling.
 Buddy: get linked up with someone else who is on the same road as you

Long-term…..Imagine what it would be like to live a life where you are truly yourself, doing brilliant, enjoyable work, energetic, motivated, looking forward to every day with zest and enthusiasm…

This is a great chance to embark on a programme that could change your life (and for an extraordinarily good value for money price….) Do you really want to miss this?
1. 2 X 55 minute conference calls per month (2 chapters per month). Phone number is in the US, so getting registered with a phone service provider e.g. would be advised.
2. Private online forum to link up with others in group.. send messages any time you are online.
3. Now What? workbook provided as part of the course. This has the list of exercises you need to complete
4. Assignments from each chapter to be done and e-mailed to coach beforehand.
5. Need to allow 3-4 hours per chapter to prepare homework
6. Participants will be buddied up together…to provide support and help outside the group

Course outline

Chapter 1
What you hate gives a name to what you want: Identify solutions to current problems
Chapter 2 With every gain, there is a loss: An important part of moving on is grieving for what you will leave behind and also identifying what you have gained from the situation
Chapter 3 Most limits are self-imposed: We often limit ourselves more than other people do. Identify what beliefs are holding you back.
Chapter 4 The past holds the clues to the future: When we look at our history, we can discover valuable clues to our life purpose.
Chapter 5 Your purpose in life is right under your nose: Identify what others say about you.
Chapter 6 Your purpose needs a vehicle: Research work and jobs
Chapter 7 Your criteria for happiness: Is this really it?: Make sure that what you have chosen fits with what is really important to you.
Chapter 8 The bottom line is the bottom line: Get your money stuff sorted
Chapter 9 Life often does imitate art: Write your own fiction: Have fun exploring different scenarios!
Chapter 10 Put yourself in opportunity’s way: Begin to act “as if”. Learn to use your intuition
Chapter 11 You don’t have to do it alone: Develop a support team to help you
Chapter 12 Following your life blueprint: Draw up a plan for the next 6-12 months.

At the end of this programme you will have a clear direction for both your life and career…assuming you are willing to show up and do the work..
I know that I will support you 100% in achieving this…
Your commitment…
3-4 hours per chapter. This is to allow you to complete the homework. This is where much of the most valuable learning takes place. If you feel you cannot commit this time, this course is not for you.
To put this time commitment into perspective, how much time are you spending commuting a week…10 hours? 15 hours? This programme is not even asking for that much time PER MONTH.
And the difference is that at the end you will have a clear direction for your life….unlike commuting!
Showing up for the calls. Conference calls will be recorded but a key part of your commitment is showing up: both for yourself and for other people…
 The investment will be €80/$110/GBP55 per month.
 This is payable in advance at the beginning of each month.
 Payment can be made by cheque or via Paypal.
 If you pay for the course fully in advance: €400/$530/£270 (a saving of €80/$105/GBP55 – get one month FREE!)
 Workbook: €20/$30/GBP 15 (including post & package). This is a once off payment.
 Early bird discount: If you register for the course by March 29th 2007 your monthly investment will be: €65/$85/GBP44
Ideally, purchase a copy of Laura’s book “Now What? 90 days to a new life direction”. This can be purchased from But it’s not essential. All the exercises are provided in the workbook.

Want to hear more?
Join me for an free introductory call on March 22nd 2007: GMT 8pm/ET 4pm/PT 1pm
You can register for this call at:

Dates of course – April 2007
Chapter 1 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 19th April 2007
Chapter 2 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 3rd May 2007
Chapter 3 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 24th May 2007
Chapter 4 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 14th June 2007
Chapter 5 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 28th June 2007
Chapter 6 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 12th July 2007
Chapter 7 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 26th July 2007
Chapter 8 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 23rd August 2007
Chapter 9 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 8th September 2007
Chapter 10 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 20th September 2007
Chapter 11 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 11th October 2007
Chapter 12 Thursday 8pm GMT/4pm ET/1pm PT 25th October 2007

You KNOW this is for you and you want to register for the programme?
Register for the programme at:

You will receive details of the call numbers once you have made your first month’s payment.
Please note your place will not be confirmed until you pay for the first month.
About the coach/trainer
Anne Walsh is a licensed Life Blueprint facilitator and coach/trainer based in Galway, Ireland.
Her website is . You can get a free goals report and get an excellent 10 part personal development e-course (Personal Freedom) totally free of charge!
(Hey, don’t take my word for it…just sign up for it and even if all you do are the exercises…your life will improve!

What clients say about working with Anne:

“I found it really use to weed through all the many ideas I had to find the right ones that worked for me and worked together. I also got the strength take the plunge and go for it”. M. Ardoin.

As a result of the coaching I feel calmer, separating life into work, personal and family. Set clear boundaries between the three of them better. Getting more done with less effort. R. McDermott Free tools for greater happiness and freedom.
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